15 December 2011

Thiago: "Villa is necessary a lot of to this team"

The canterano lamented the injury to his partner and praised the success of his team: "It's a super important victory I've never seen the team 'así, así''. This team never lost the ambition."

Barcelona have won the team by Qatar A-Sadd 0-4 and is in the final Club World Cup. The negative part of the meeting was the serious injury to David Villa, who may have fractured the tibia and could be out for around six months, lack of medical confirmation. After the game, Thiago lamented the injury 'Guaje': "Villa is much needed in this team. Hopefully not very serious. We wish him and we mejorb for what you need. Now you have to think about improving and get well" .

Regarding the possibility that Villa could lose the European Championship, said: "It is a long time, when you play you never think to be things that can pass. It was bad luck, but let's see what happens."

As for the 0-4 win against Al-Sadd, Thiago appreciated the efforts of the team: "The game was nice, we made it into the final objective was sorry but Villa's injury. The victory been extremely important. " Asked about some dubious streak before the Clásico team at Real Madrid, Thiago said: "I've never seen the team 'so well.' Try to improve every day, because ambition in this team never lost," he said. (via AS)