14 December 2011

Rudi Garcia: "Guardiola's Barca is the best team of all time"

Lille coach Rudi Garcia, voted best French coach of the year by the magazine 'France Football' confessed that for him, Pep Guardiola is "the best team of all time".

"I would like to highlight their work and especially against the idea according to which enough to have great players to get great results. There are many teams with great players in their ranks but whose coaches are not attracted to its quintessence because they do not put in their better provisions do not play football for them. The great quality of Guardiola is that, "said Garcia, 47 years old.

However, if the coach of Lille had to pick their favorite coach, Joachim Loew gets, now coach of Germany, because "it embodies modernity." "It represents an attacking football. It is a coach capable of evolving the mentality of a football that was reputed to be quite hard, square and not particularly offensive," said Garcia in the pages of 'France Football'.

For the technician who was champion last season at Lille, Löw is the "good transition between history and modernity." "It's attacking football, currently has the most followers. So much the better," said the French coach named best of 2011, who asked about the Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho said he is a great coach, even if philosophy is to play for Barcelona. "Mourinho is a great coach, but I prefer a team that wins with offensive weapons, like Barcelona. That said, Mourinho has won wherever he has gone," recalled Garcia. (via SPORT)