20 December 2011

Guardiola will continue with these champions

The Conquest of the Club World Cup, an argument to continue commanding Pep this group of players that is making history.

The world champions are already in Barcelona. They came with the satisfaction of duty done, with the pleasure of having made history and happy to have made a hobby that definitely has surrendered to his talent. However, the big question is: Now what? A question that should be done after season, but the continuity of Pep Guardiola is set at this time, now takes just now.

Both the president Sandro Rosell as the coach know perfectly that talks to renew attack can not be delayed. Both parties will spend Christmas, New Year and Reyes before cited. In mid-January is the perfect time for a first contact in the not to decide anything, but to establish a calendar or planner to get down to work.

The position of president is more than clear. Want to follow. We offer a fifth year. Or, as he says, the formula that takes your fancy. One plus one, one and two ... The one you want. However, as has always expressed Pep Guardiola is that of the mortgage is not. Neither the club nor to himself. To renew, then you would for one more season until June 2013.

The feelings of the helmsman, today, are unbeatable. Guardiola always maintained that while it detects 'hunger' among his pupils, there is no problem to extend their contractual commitment with FC Barcelona. While watching his players continue to maintain this attitude, this humility and fighting spirit will continue. While watching for people who want to compete, regardless of the outcome, he will say yes to Rosell. If you had to reach an agreement within hours, the outcome only evolve into a way: the renewal of the coach.

However, after the conquest of the Club World Cup opens a five-month hiatus where nothing can not be excluded. But it appears logical that things will continue as now. A strong Barça, wanting to continue to demonstrate that their game is not over and with the target set in the league, the Champions Cup, three competitions in which there may be a pulse with Real Madrid, an extra motivation for the champions league and Europe.

And if the desire is not just equipment, the coach either. Guardiola will challenge you and test them is that, season after season, the team reinvented. Rivals neurons burn to brake, to lower the pedestal was installed from 2009 (13 titles in 16 races), but no one has found the formula. Barca, and Pep, eager to continue making history. And if the team and the coach are for the work, there are many more chapters to live. Chapters that can be glorious, or not, but in any case chapters in which the team will compete with their best weapons and talents to make the fans happy.

The world champion is here. He arrived yesterday afternoon after nearly thirteen hours of flight. He was dismissed with honor in Japan and will be received when the team equally give the trophy to the fans. The barcelonismo agrees and that he should continue to the front of the ship. He supports, beyond the title, his job, his passion for Barça. Priceless. (via SPORT)