29 December 2011

Guardiola: "Cruyff has shaped my career and this club"

FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, has given an interview to the magazine catarí 'Qatar Doha Stadium Plus', which has recognized the hand of Johan Cruyff in his career.

Pep Guardiola has given an interview to the magazine catarí 'Qatar Doha Stadium Plus', which gives an overview of his career as a player and coach. It also discusses the moment he is living and recognizes how he felt when he played in the 'Dream Team'.

The Barca coach is cautious when asked about the current situation and asked if you are satisfied with what he has accomplished: "You always have to be careful with satisfaction. There is room for improvement," responds Guardiola.

"It is perhaps the best compliment a coach can get," Guardiola responds when asked if he thinks the team is hungry. "Besides the technical skills and the vision comes hunger. It is the most important factor at this level, hunger and makes you better be hungry for victory. That's what makes the engine run. After 13 degrees, still burn with ambition, "he added.

Guardiola gives an overview of its beginnings in the FC Barcelona: "I came Santpedor, 70 kilometers from Barcelona. I joined La Masia, Barca academy at age 12. Not only train, live there. From day one I loved and played soccer every day, with the sole purpose of being better. Everything, in the shadow of Camp Nou. There could be more inspiring. "

On the large number of players trained in this farmhouse and its large presence in big games, Pep Guardiola said that eight players trained at La Masia, were present in the final of the Champions, "We are proud to play a final Champions with eight players made at home. It's very special if a professional team debut for the club to dress as a child. "

"Almost no because you have to adapt over the years, have been learning to play in a club filosfía what we call the seal of La Masia" said coach Guardiola on the fact that youth players appear in the first team. "No matter where you come. Messi is Argentine but if you look at his style, it's all a player all of Barcelona. For our fans, is great to have players that automatically identify," said Guardiola on the Argentinian star.

"Play Dream Team was like a dream. Four League and European Cup in 92. Playing with guys like Ronald Koeman, Bakero, Michael Laudrup, Hristo Stoichkov and Romario later. Not only the results were, was also played, "Guardiola said his presence in that mythical team that laid the foundation of Barca we see today.

"Cruyff has the tools to shape my career and this club," Guardiola highlights, which describes the role of Johan Cruyff at Barcelona: "As a player, the club brought to life in the 70's. More Later, as coach did the same. And I learned a lot from him. but you take something with you as a coach, good or bad and end of the day, you have to do things your way. "

On the role of the media, Pep Guardiola sees them as a way to be close to the fan: "With the press, trying to be as open as I can. It is sometimes difficult but the best way to stay in touch and close to your fans. nuna is clear that you can speak your mind completely, but if you are honest, for example, admit that the team has not played well. This prevents a lot of speculation. "

Age does not matter
"is the same as player and coach, when you're good enough, you're old enough," said Pep Guardiola on his precocity. "Of course, when I still had much to learn, gain experience, but I had to do alone. He had a great coaching staff and many of my former teammate in the address. This gives a lot of experience and knowledge," he added.

Pep Guardiola tries to identify their style of play and having that although his game seems to run the attack, defense and out of the ball are key to this team game citing its role in the team as a player: "It seems contradictory, but the more you attack, you need more discipline defensively. If you look at my work life as players, it was always balance, have the lines together, make sure the spaces between the players never be too big. From there, we started to play football. "

"In the field, everyone must play together, pressing the attackers need help, advocates should help attacking. My way of approaching the game is that if the ball is on the other side of the field in the field, and if I am relaxed ours is not, "he adds.

Busquets and Xavi VITAL
order to raise its game system and the likes of Dani Alves enjoy much freedom in the field, Guardiola highlights the vital role as Busquets and Xavi: "for example because if you look at our defense, players like Dani Alves , attacks a lot. This only works when players like Sergio Busquets and Xavi controlling the midfield. Almost all of our attacks start from Xavi and he does it fantastically. With Puyol, we have a reliable central and that helps a lot. "

On the issue of turnover Guardiola sees necessary for the team to achieve titles: "Anyone who plays for this team has my blessing, but on today's elite in football, a large staff is needed to win many titles in a season. "

He adds, in conclusion, that despite the great players, above all, is always the club: "We played many games, the key elements of the team are the strength, desire, dedication and hard work. I owe all the players. Although the team is full of individual talent, no player, absolutely nobody, is above this great club. " (via SPORT)