23 December 2011

Gratacós: "To Osasuna must be respected"

Pere Gratacós, representative of Barcelona in the Cup draw, called for respect for Osasuna, Barca in the second round opponent.

"There were four balls to get out and there was pressure (if played Madrid), but eventually came Osasuna and should be respected," said Pere Gratacós microphones to 'Marca TV' immediately following the draw for Copa del Rey. Barca and whites could cross the quarter-finals if they exceed Osasuna and Malaga. "We can win in Camp Nou and then to lose the preliminary round. It is the Copa and to Madrid it can pass them the same" thing, he added.

Asked if there is desire for revenge after whites last year to beat Barca in the final, Gratacós stressed that above this rivalry, what matters to your organization is to fight for the trophy. "We want to win titles in doing good things and to respect your opponents. Hospitalet is demonstrated. The fact that we played seven world champions out practically means that we respect every opponent and we want to reach all possible endings, "he said.

"All titles are a priority. Barcelona gives its importance to the Copa del Rey and can be given to other competitions," he said. (via SPORT)