22 December 2011

García: "Neymar will be bought to very good price"

The president of L'Hospitalet, Miguel Garcia, said the Brazilians came to Barcelona in a very profitable operation for Barca.

CE L'Hospitalet President, Miguel Garcia, a few clarifying statements made yesterday in which he pointed out that the future of Brazilian Santos, Neymar is in Barcelona. García made such a statement after the dinner among the directive of FC Barcelona and the club of Baix Llobregat, in which could converse with the president of the club azulgrana, Sandro Rosell. Garcia made the remarks at the ONA FM radio station in which he said without hesitation that the Brazilian star "is one of the future cracks of Barcelona, ​​and bought at a great price."

With this statement, Miguel Garcia has confirmed all the rumors and reports that have emerged in recent weeks in the media around the world in which they were placed at the front of the "canarinha" in the Catalan capital.

Furthermore, on the game facing his team tonight against the current world champion, the president of "L'Hospi" reiterated that "in football you never know. Say what you will still earn no muss. Our team will make a decent game and plays to take the opportunity provided to us playing in a field such as the Camp Nou. " (via SPORT)