19 December 2011

Ganso: "I do not aspire to be a Barca player, just let me play a game with them"

One of the figures of Santos, Goose, was full of praise to Barça and was particularly poor.

Speaking on TV3, Ganso confessed that "I do not aspire to play at Barça, just one day I stop playing a game with them."

Now at a press conference, Ganso said that "Busquets is a great player, like Iniesta and Xavi." The "10" peixe has distributed these players praise for his performance in Barcelona for the match played at the International Stadium Yokohama (central Japan). Ganso said that the Catalan "is a very qualified, very good."

The Brazilian media has said that his team had never played a game with an opponent to play with the style used today by Barça, and that this is "learning for the future."

For its part, the goalkeeper of Santos, Rafael Cabral, considered that his team did well to field five defenders. He said that with three plants was "more trim", but acknowledged that the Santos only managed to create chances of danger in the first half. "They are better and we must recognize that," concluded the goalkeeper, who has described the boat as "a fantastic team that works very well the ball." (via SPORT)