16 December 2011

Fossati: "It is a normal result to be the Barça"

Uruguayan coach Al Sadd of Qatar, Jorge Fossati said after losing 0-4 against Barca in the Club World Cup that it was "a normal" category confrme to rival.

Fossati said in a press conference after the game that it was "a defeat with dignity" and that should be "happy" for having the "rich experience" of having faced that in his opinion, is "the best team world ".

Uruguayan coach felt that, "recognizing the enormous differences" between the two teams, and assuming that "no one likes to lose," the team "paid according to their possibilities."

"The first two goals were almost two goals our own," said Fossati, who was pleased with the offensive and defensive work of his team as Barca "I had great difficulty finding spaces" do find "against other great teams in the world ".

In his view, Guardiola's team is "a step above everyone else" and that for the final against Santos is "the logical favorite for" although the Brazilian team has "descent" and is used to this type of contests, he confirmed.

El Al Sadd played the game on Sunday to finalize the third and fourth in the tournament against Japan Kashiwa. "It would be great to get it (the third in the Club World Cup)," said Fossati, who confirmed that they will play "making every effort, and knowing that it is within our possibilities." (via SPORT)