18 December 2011

[Former player] Sevilla ties Giovani

Last Friday signed a preliminary agreement with Tottenham for just under 4 million.
The operation is the absence of a final agreement between the club and the Mexican.

All indications are that the signing of Giovani is rushing his final chapters. It's been a long saga, but it is nearing the end. In fact, the Seville and is tied to the player and is practically in their hands to close the transaction as it deems appropriate. There is an agreement in principle with Tottenham and some fringes resolved only missing player's contract with the entity of Sevilla, which in principle is scheduled for next week.

The key meeting took place last Friday in London. The player's lawyer sat with the leaders of Tottenham and closed an initial agreement for the transfer of the Mexican. After much negotiation and many pressures from the skilled player the Spurs, the club has agreed to British claims of Sevilla. He knows he can not go longer against the wishes of the player and decided to open my hand in bargaining. So, the operation could eventually closed in less than 4 million euros, including bonuses and possible targets.

The agreement between clubs is a fact and just need to close definitively the player's contract with Sevilla. It is true that negotiations between the entity and footballer Seville were quite advanced in a while, but in the last hour nervionenses club has changed and there are some conditions to keep talking.

In fact, can not yet completed the signing of precisely these small fringes between the club and the player, we'll see how they are small. The contract offer that was put on the table of football in the first negotiation was five seasons.

In this regard, counsel for Giovani plans to travel to Sevilla next week to try to close definitively the signing. If everything goes smoothly and as planned, the Mexican could become the next hours in nervionenses player, so that would satisfy the primary desire Marcelino since he took the bench nervionenses.

If completed the operation, management would be a big part of Sevilla. Do not forget that Tottenham player was priced last summer to 11 million euros. The pressure exerted Giovani has been fundamental. (via Marca.com)