11 December 2011

[Former player] Rivaldo: "Pleasure to see this Barça"

The Brazilian said via twitter classic and left through the roof at Barça.
The world of the football and the sport surrendered to the football of Barça through the social nets.
Players culés also sent their own messages from inside the wardrobe.

Rivaldo , the former Barca player how good games at the Santiago Bernabeu signed, was one of the countless athletes who marveled at the display against Real Madrid FC Barcelona. The Brazilian said his followers classic through its account twitter and let the clouds the Barca game, saying "glad to see the lessons they give."

The world of football and sport gave Guardiola's team through social networks and there were many who left their posts on twitter. Nasri (Arsenal) congratulated his former colleague and friend Cesc and Borja Valero (Villarreal) expressed devotion to Iniesta .

Barca players also from inside the locker room at the Santiago Bernabeu, and many of the promises of the subsidiary and the youth who hope one day star in a gesture as of Saturday 'tweet' after the spectacular 1-3.

Here you have some of the pearls that have been read in the last hours twitter