29 December 2011

[Former player] Riquelme: "I am excited to play with Messi"

The Boca Juniors player, Riquelme said he would like to re-dress after winning the opening albiceleste, and you want to "play alongside Messi, the best in the world".

Juan Roman Riquelme, a former player of FC Barcelona and Villarreal, and now Boca Juniors reference, was interviewed on Fox Sports after he managed to raise the cup of the Argentine Apertura tournament prinicpios December after 3-0 win Banfield.

Argentine footballer through a good moment of form and that is why openly admitted: "I want to help the team, playing alongside Messi again and enjoy the selection. I look forward to play with him, which is the best player in the world, and help you qualify for the team. "

On the Barcelona striker, Riquelme said that "you may be asked to play as in Barcelona," implying that the game system that uses Barça and the players surrounding Messi are not yet available to the albiceleste .

In another vein, Riquelme said "playing for people, I am of the people" and reviewed the latest developments that have occurred in his current club, with the change of presidency and his alleged poor relationship with the new president, Daniel Angelici.

"Footballers do not have to talk about money," said the captain of Boca avoiding the controversy over a premium that would have agreed with the former president Jorge Amor Ameal. Then he acknowledged that "the best president that I had was that of Villarreal and (Peter) Pompillo."

Finally, he was pleased that the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, say he was "happy as a Roman" in a recent statement. "I was surprised that the President of my country will remember me was wonderful," praised Riquelme, visibly happy. (via SPORT)