15 December 2011

[Former player] Márquez goes urban football of Rémi Gaillard

The Mexican centre-back of New York Red Bulls put on the skin of the eccentric entertainer to perform curious Rémi Gaillard juggling and 'tinker' with the ball in the streets of Mexico City.

The exazulgrana Rafa Marquez continues to speak in their native land. After completing another season in the ranks of the New York Red Bulls, the Mexican centre-back advertising has used the pull of the main sponsor of the team to embark on a curious media campaign.

Marquez was placed on the skin of Rémi Gaillard, the popular French comedian and showman, and passed to urban soccer with the peculiarity of making small 'gamberradas' as making balloon launches a police car, a wheel, or to various homes .

The theme of the ad is clear: "The goal is what you want." Marquez, apparently in the ad, seems to have learned well the lesson. (via SPORT)