28 December 2011

[Former player] Jeffren: "With Guardiola I am who I am"

The exazulgrana attended the barrage of questions received and reviewed his career, his time in Barça and the current stage that lives in the Sporting of Portugal.

Jeffren Suarez rushed one of his last days of vacation in the midst of recovery, to move to Barcelona and, incidentally, visit SPORT writing where he had a digital encounter with our Internet users.

Jeffren could not hide that is connected to everything happening at Barça. A stage recalls a very special affection.

"We are proud to have belonged to Barcelona and closer to the golden age to have won both. Being on the sides of the big players in the world is a privilege," he said.

In its passage through Barça also had many words of thanks to Pep, who gave the final impetus to the first team despite the lack of minutes for his departure. "I do not hold a grudge against Pep. I thank him for the opportunity. Thanks to him I am who I am" he said.

Barca said his best experiences was the day of their debut and "have ended 5-0 against Real Madrid" but keeps "having learned to be a person."

In its passage through the wardrobe Barca, remember the great atmosphere that exists behind closed doors, which considers the vast difference from the rest of the team. "I had more to do with Dani Alves, Abidal, Xavi. But there were no cliques in the locker room. I think that's what sets Barcelona the other teams," he said.

Regarding his present in Portugal, Jeffren remains convinced his current team succeed in not thinking about the future.

"I see a great future in Portugal. Fans have welcomed me very well. I'm happy with the team and I have really wanted to succeed there because they deserve it," he said.

He added: "Right now I think of the club where I am. I signed for five years and the truth that I have that thought now. I have to show people that my goal for Sporting now is to win there. If a future there is the possibility to come back, come back with eyes closed. "

To achieve his goal, Jeffren wishes with all his might to get injuries and you respect that was blunt about their desire for next year: "In 2012 I ask you to respect me injuries to prove who I am."

In the struggle for the next Ballon d'Or, Jeffren also had doubts: "The Ballon d'Or give it to Messi." While noting that Cristiano is "a great player."

However, it is certainly not Jeffren that "Barça is the best club in the XXI century, no doubt about that." (via SPORT)