16 December 2011

[Former player] Jeffren: "I watch the video many times, motivates me"

The winger was critical to the achievement of the Club World Cup 2009. The Sporting of Portugal player has recalled in a recent interview.

When nearly two years Barça became champion of the Club World Cup, the team was showered with praise. The Barça credited the trophy as the best club in the world, a pride for its fans, and supeuesto, also for all its components. The team coached by Pep Guardiola and a magical season closed, in which they got the Champions League, Copa del Rey, Spanish League, European Super Cup, Super Cup in Spain and the coveted World Cup.

In pursuing all these titles was a player, like all essential. That's Jeffren Suarez, who played a crucial role in the success of 'World Club Cup' 2009. The game was uphill, Barça lost the final against Estudiantes de Veron and in the absence of 5 minutes to go, Guardiola gave vent to the young players who did not disappoint the technician. Barça tied for 87 minutes and end up turning it over the scoreboard in the 110th minute with a goal from Messi, unforgettable for all culés.

From Lisbon, and now in the ranks of the Portuguese Sporting, Jeffren has recollected those moments in a recent interview with a known half Tenerife. The end, which passes through one of the best moments of his career because of injuries said the memories that brought him victory and historic "The first recollection is that he thought the title escaped us. After being heated and wishing to enter . also the time to step on the field and enjoy a great final. Then, of course, the conclusion of the game. We were all elated and happy. "

Recalling his decisive intervention at the winger, Jeffren said: "It was one of the best games with Barça, because I proved to myself as I am. And I did it with the desire with which any player would do in a final high level ". In addition, the former Barcelona says "watch the video many times. Motivates me." Asked about the level of football that showed at Barcelona and he is prepared to meet said "I showed how I can get to play when I have confidence, but I think if parties continued accumulation necessary, I can show many things in these years I could not have them. "

On the injury which is recovering, the former Barca forward said his recovery state "I feel much better, without any trouble and working hard to return as much as possible. I hope not notice any difference and once again rejoin the team with normalcy. " With respect to its passage through Portugal and his new club, Sporting, the winger expressed his happiness "I am happy to belong to Sporting, although it would be twice as happy if I could enjoy what I love: playing football. I getting tired parties, encouraging the fans feel. It's a great club, inside and out. " (via SPORT)