29 December 2011

[Former B player] Romeu prefers to stay more one year at Chelsea

Oriol Romeu is still one of the biggest surprises in the Premier League and has earned herself a place in the Chelsea midfield thanks to his performances since Villas-Boas trusted him. Barcelona considered a priority if Keita decides to go to Italy in June, but the player has been found in England that does not guarantee continuity at the Camp Nou.

Barcelona passed the five million but included a repurchase clause for the next two seasons. The Catalan club should pay 10 million to get it back in 2012 or 15 million for it in 2013. And I could run it unilaterally, but the preference would be to follow the youth squad a year at Chelsea.

The representative of Oriol Romeu, Magic Javier Diaz, normal is that Barcelona is following the trajectory of the player, as published yesterday BRAND. "It's logical to want it back because he's a player you have a buyback clause and it is normal to follow him and see its evolution," the newspaper said yesterday.

However, Diaz is reluctant Magic the fact that end landfall again in Barcelona in June: "I wonder if he will return? Her dream was to be before leaving Barcelona player and still holds, but now, we can not despise Chelsea, which is the club that has given the opportunity. Oriol has carved a niche in the Premiership and playing regularly. We are committed to Chelsea and we can not let them hang, "he added.

Moreover, the representative believes that all parties should sit down and talk to evaluate all options and see which option is best for his ward, beyond the economic issue: "We should see whether it is appropriate for Barça and the player. See if Barça will continue to evolve as the Chelsea Will these minutes? Maybe it is more convenient to leave a year and recover in 2013. "

Oriol Romeu has been shown to play a big team and one of the big leagues. It has also sucked Barcelona football from the lower grades, so that his return would be practically a guarantee of success. And we must take into account that has the approval of Guardiola. However, under the direct arrival there was some way out in the Barca midfield. (via Marca.com)