31 December 2011

[Former B player] Oriol Romeu, Mata's neighbor that has made London his home

The Chelsea midfielder has struggled to assimilate the change, because it has very clear ideas in his head and there is only the ball.

London is kind to the brave and Oriol Romeu is, as in his day also was Cesc Fabregas is. The Ulldecona takes a few months living in the capital of England, but it's practically a citizen `Need more. It has not cost too much to adapt, because the only thing I think is in football, to seize a unique opportunity to become what, little by little, it begins to be: a player from head to toe.

For him, are secondary issues such as language, traffic, weather or food. To him what matters is the ball. In fact, the more impact it had upon arrival in London was not related either to the driving on the left or the English, but the fact of playing every three days, something that had not ever lived. "It's crazy, but at the same time enjoyable. I came here to play football, to do what I like, so ...", defines the midfielder.

Romeu lived until a month ago in a hotel, but now does so in an apartment block in which also lies Juan Mata, who spends most of the time. Both are raised about nine o'clock and head in the same vehicle to the sports city of Chelsea, which is half an hour.

"Now I drive on the right cost," says the exblaugrana, although the first day I got behind the wheel thought it would be impossible to adapt. After lunch in the clubhouse before training have to learn English. Romeu and Mata attend class in the same city Ulldecona sports and better every day. Eat before you leave the club and have all afternoon free until the next day.

The problem is that "the four and there is no sun and it seems that the day is over," and perhaps is the only thing that has not been accustomed finish. Do not care if it's cold or heat, if it rains or is cloudy, but the feeling that the day is shorter is something that still weighs on him. Try to make it longer at home, watching a movie, playing the Play, or, occasionally, "making a tourist" by Mata central London. There will not overwhelms people: "They are very respectful. I thought it was because nobody knows me, but same thing happens Mata and world champion. "

From time to time, receives a visit from her parents, her brother and his girlfriend, who have already seen him play several times. Every time they do return to Catalunya quiet because they feel happy. It also take care of the team veterans like Terry, Lampard or Essien Drogba, who admired long before wear the shirt of Chelsea, "Everyone asks me if I need something, how I am, if all goes well ... are very concerned, "he explains.

So does Villas-Boas, a coach for a big bet Romeu who still has much to learn, but every day is better player. "You have to look at how they react peers who have long been in this for every situation, how to train ...". Oriol Romeu enjoys football and the Premier: "It's very nice to play here, is the host. Feel the warmth of your love and see how they animate the rival is a spectacle, "he says.

Is the food? "I am scrupulous and better than what I had said" ... Only interested in football. That is the way. (via SPORT)