28 December 2011

[Former B player] Barça already thinks about repescar to Oriol Romeu

The Catalan club must pay Chelsea 10 million for a footballer that was already his.
The canterano holds in England and knows the functioning of the Barcelona.

Less than four months have sufficed to Pep Guardiola and technical secretary to verify that Oriol Romeu is a player that scheme applies to the Barcelona first team. The squad is made ​​with a hole in the side of Chelsea and it seems increasingly necessary for Villas Boas.

Now the Catalan club and is considering playoffs, with the financial outlay that would be something reprehensible when you consider that the player was of the house. In the Camp Nou no doubting his quality but with Busquets and Keita , his arrival at the first team seemed complicated.

He then took the decision to move to Chelsea for 5 million euros. Villas Boas, who had tried to sign him when he was at Porto midfielder managed to grab the wanted. The boat includes a repurchase clause of 10 million euros if executed in 2012 and 15 million if he did in 2013.

The offers that are coming to Keita from Italy seem to have turned around the situation. From the Alpine country is assuming that the African end up leaving in June to Milan, Barcelona and that is taking the leading role he would like.

Although it has never raised his voice for his supporting role and has adapted to all circumstances performing at a high level, the midfielder has been named player of Mali and second best player in Africa, need to feel more important which is being now.

This is where Oriol Romeu comes into play, as Guardiola has asked to be the squad to replace the Keita if he finally leaves in June. His performance in the Chelsea and Barca knowledge he has for playing a long time in the lower categories are the arguments wielded Pep to apply.

Managers of the vessel must give approval to an operation that, economically, can be ruinous, because entry pay 10 million euros for a player who was his last year. It depends on what they can get from the sale of Keita , which is under contract until 2014 and a termination clause of 100 million.

On the other hand, we should mention a few words of Alexis Sanchez , located in Santiago. "At Barcelona I have not done anything yet. I'm going step by step," the Niño Maravilla. Alexis also spoke of the good relationship with Leo Messi: "Every day I learn something from it. I think this team wants to win things and there Barca to rat o. go the way of Messi, to win it all. " Y? Joked: "Messi is the only one who understands my jokes, really." (via Marca.com)