26 December 2011

For Platini, Barça-Manchester was the game of the year

UEFA president Michel Platini believes that the end of the Champions League, which fought on 28 May, Barcelona and Manchester United (3-1) is the great moment of the 2011 football year.

In his Christmas card letter, the head of UEFA, said that "2011 was a year in which football has need of special protection" and has stressed the importance of their organization "as one of the guarantors of the values, stability and fairness of the sport. " "A year in which we also had to remain strong and defend our values, sometimes alone, to ensure respect for rules and fair competition and to avoid becoming hostage to the interests of a few" Platini highlights.

The French former player, however, highlights the contested final between Barcelona and Manchester, which crowned king of Europe as a whole Pep Guardiola as the great football moment of the year. "However, 2011 also will be remembered as the year in which they lived exceptional moments in the football world. There have been many who would be very difficult to talk about all the competition from smaller to larger tournament. However, if I had to choose one would be the final of the UEFA Champions League held at Wembley. Not only was a legendary game, also reminded us because we are all here to serve the football and the players, without whom nothing would be possible and that make this dream come true, "he adds.

Platini believes that 2012 "will be essential for European football." "In the finals of the EURO to be held in Poland and Ukraine will be crowned all efforts, a tournament that promises to be unique," he says. "For next year, also I have another purpose, we enter a new era in club football due to financial fair play, which is supported and carried out all over the world and is a symbol of our unity and capacity for assume our responsibilities when it comes to preserving the game, "he says in the letter. (via SPORT)