14 December 2011

Florentine to Rosell: "Luck for the Club World Cup"

Florentine Pérez attended the baño azulgrana and didn't have left more remedy than to be courteous to Sandro Rosell.

The bathroom had been brutal. On stage at the Santiago Bernabeu was the expression used by the directors of Real Madrid! A wiggle of those who do harm because they show the difference between a computer and the other. But the game was not all equal. After the goal of Benzema, Florentino Perez and former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar ironic about the failure of Victor Valdes. Then they had to eat his words. Their faces were changing as the game wore on and the 1-3 pitch was total resignation. Florentino, overwhelmed by the bathroom and the natural anger at the failure of his coach, he wanted to Sandro Rosell "Fortunately for the Club World Cup" with envy, revealing that FC Barcelona themselves is doing things right, recognizing the superiority Barca and the desire for a football fan to see win the better they play.

Florentino Perez has to put up with Mourinho. It has made ​​half of attitude change because the shame of seeing poked in the eye of Tito Vilanova was unsurpassed. But if until the clásico to Mou tolerated him their second seasons, in the party of Bernabéu all realized that the bathroom had not only been in the field. He had been mostly in the dugout.

The white president feels particularly hurt by its treatment of Mourinho to the quarry. Some, who are no longer at the club, he warned Florentino Mourinho does not believe, just destroyed, and that even in the clubs where he has won state, when motion is nothing left: no style, no philosophy, no work base. Pedro Mendes is appointed, the Portuguese squad debut against Ajax and is deputy branch, and change the subject, because while Mou ridicules the quarry of Madrid, Barca win at the Bernabeu with eight homegrown players as starters. In addition, Florentino Perez receives reports from the players in the Spanish market projection, the old dream was broken by Mou Hispanicized Real Madrid, and almost all the Barça players names are the Catalan club that has been renewed for the next few years .

No wonder the show of chivalry Florentino Perez to Rosell wishing him well in the Club World Cup . The white president had just attended the evidence that the best club in Spain and possibly the world is the FC Barcelona and is the one who deserves the title in Yokohama. He has no comfort nor encourage Neymar: has left them planted. And for a president Florentino pride of a boy of 19 years leaves you planted is almost as bad as seeing one Pedro Mendes debut as Real Madrid's youth system is the games on TV. (via MD)