28 December 2011

[Dia del Inocente?] Fernando Torres, Barca in exchange for Montoya, Roberto and Cuenca!

Chelsea forward, who has always liked Guardiola, cover the floor of the injured Villa.
Villas-Boas, delighted with Oriol Romeu, asked the three homegrown change and Barça accepted.

Barça and Chelsea have closed will be, undoubtedly, the highlight of the market operation in winter. Fernando Torres , who still does not perform to their highest level in Stamford Bridge, will land in the next few hours at the Camp Nou, while three of the most promising homegrown Catalan club, Martin Montoya , Sergi Roberto and Isaac Basin , follow the steps of Oriol Romeu and travel to London next Saturday, 31.

The original idea was technically 'blue', André Villas-Boas , after learning that David Villa will be low at Barça for four to five months. The Portuguese, who want to rejuvenate Chelsea and last summer and wanted to take Roberto Montoya and spoke with executives and asked them to London offered Fernando Torres in exchange for both homegrown and Pedro .

Saw Chelsea welcome the proposal to his coach and athletic director last week, Michael Emenalo , met secretly with Guardiola in Brescia. Pep, who has always publicly praised the 'Child', do not hesitate to accept the idea, but refused to lose to Peter and included instead in the operation to Cuenca.

Fernando Torres, who was again booed by the fans at Stamford Bridge during the match against Fulham on Monday, will bid farewell to Chelsea having scored only five goals in a year. In recent days, speculation about his possible return to Atletico, but eventually put on Barca until June 30, 2021. The setting of the player says he is very happy.

For his part, Montoya, Roberto and Cuenca cost them more accepting of change. It was Oriol Romeu who got personally telephoning each. The only condition imposed by the three youth players is to play the Catalunya on 30-Tunisia, for which they have been called by Johan Cruyff . After the game, will travel to El Prat airport, will travel to London on a private flight and day 31 and will debut for Chelsea against Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge.

Isaac Cuenca's girlfriend, a political science student, has come to convince the player to make the move to sign for Chelsea. The London club has offered the possibility that Carme, the forward couple, study a máster in London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), one of the most noted abilities in the world in her discipline.

On the other hand, the pair of Montoya also accompany the side and take the opportunity to take off the helicopter driver license, knowing that the player made him special pleasure to fly in one of these gift that she herself did.

Sergi Roberto, finally, is the eligible bachelor. So his parents have decided that his sister Anna will travel with the young player to closely guarded and no mess. (via MD)