28 December 2011

Fatigued to Barça

The football experts, former players, coaches, politicians and journalists coincide in underlining that never before had enjoyed point of the football like with this team.

Barcelona closed 2011 with five titles in the windows of the Museum (League, Champions League, Super Cup in Spain, European Super Cup and Club World Cup) and intend to repeat in 2012 that won the historic treble in 2009. But beyond the titles, this Barca of Guardiola has won the admiration of the world is not only to win but mainly by the shape imposed on the contrary. Fans, whether or not Barca football connoisseurs, political, technical ... all give up football displaying the Barca team and especially its architect, Pep Guardiola.

Michael Robinson , a former player and now director and host of 'Robinson Report' of Canal +, explains his own theory about this Barca . "For me it is an evolution of football. Has gone beyond the total football implemented Rinus Michels and then followed Johan Cruyff "he reasons.

"In the 70's in Europe, Holland made the best football, but imposed the style of Germany and England, who gave the football a scheme without end. Then came the catenaccio of Italy, where there was no respect for the ball, but what mattered was run faster than the ball, scoring the first goal and shut ago. Now this club has shown the world that still owns the ball can not only play well, but also can win, "Robinson summarized.

As an example of the style Barca is seeping out of Catalonia, the former Osasuna player says a personal experience. "I was recently in Liverpool training camps to see my nephew, who plays in the lower categories and coaches heard the children say," Pass the ball. Receives, controls and passes the ball. "However, in my time what we were told the same technicians was" give strong, give it strong. "In his opinion, the style is catching Barcelona." ElBarça has shown that if you bet strong the quarry and educates children from a young to understand this style of football, the results come, "says Robinson .

The current mayor of Barcelona, ​​Xavier Trias , and former Mayor and President of the Generalitat, Pasqual Maragall are two other lovers of Barça. "For me it is the best team ever. No matter who the opponent and what is the scenario that Guardiola is always able to surprise without losing any essence of philosophy Barça", argues Xavier Trias. For its part, Pasqual Maragall, jokingly said that "it is so good, how well it gets to play in every game and always see him win, just bored." "I had not enjoyed so much watching football and with this boat," he adds.

The journalist Olga Viza , a Barça that lives between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​acknowledges that reside in the capital now "is a joy. There were years that I had to cover myself, but now I presume, and it is they who are covered," he reasons. "I enjoyed the Dream Team , but this Barca Guardiola is even better. " Viza synthesized representing the current Barca to her: " Xavi is the conductor, Iniesta, Messi football and the genius. " (via MD)