18 December 2011

[Ex-players] "It will be a great game, stand with the Santos"

"I hope one day be illuminated Neymar," the 'Phenomenon'.

Two of the great idols of Barcelona in the 90's, former Brazilian stars Romario and Ronaldo, said today that encourage the Santos in the final of Club World Cup against Barca team, to be played on Sunday in Yokohama, Japan, DPA said.

"I have great affection for Barcelona, ​​but for Brazil it would be important to win the Santos. Hincharé for Santos, but honestly, if Barcelona wins, I will be sad," said the former striker Romario and now a federal deputy in Rio where he participated in a meeting with the organizing committee for World Cup Brazil 2014.

The "Shorty" warned, however, by no means follow the game, by the time of transmission in Brazil: "At that time I will not be watching television, I'll be asleep," he joked.

In turn, Ronaldo, who accepted the invitation to join the board of the local organizing committee of Brazil 2014, was less diplomatic and said it covered by a Santos victory and that the young Brazilian striker Neymar prevails in his "personal duel "against the star of Barca, Argentina's Lionel Messi.

"It will be a great game. All of us stand with the Santos, and I hope that Neymar is illuminated in a day," the "Phenomenon". (via Marca.com)