09 December 2011

[Ex-player&coach] Rexach: "It's el clásico more open recent times"

Charly predicted a very tight encounter during a ceremony in the capital along with the white myth Emilio Butragueño. Barcelona and Madrid represented in the presentation of the campaign "Together for Africa", led by La Caixa.

The ex-player and ex-coach of FC Barcelona Charly Rexach today acknowledged an act of solidarity in the capital that "Real Madrid is frankly better than last year" , so it has predicted "the most open of el clásico last time "this Saturday at 22 o'clock at the Santiago Bernabeu.

"I want a victory, even for the minimum. A 1-2 would be fine . Both teams arrive at the peak of the season and, truth be told, Real Madrid has improved. Individually always had good team, but now as a whole has made ​​tremendous progress, "praised Rexach.

Rexach sponsored the charity campaign "Together for Africa '(www.juntosxafrica.com) , led by the Social Work laCaixa with the collaboration of the foundations of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid , represented in the act by Emilio Butragueño . Following the same, Charly told that Real Madrid is "one of those teams without too much you can sentence a game", so Barca made ​​clear the slogan: "Mucha precaución".

In any case, Rexach wanted to play down because "life goes on" after the game. "I see the game without passion and when a team plays better than another is to be congratulated," he said, aware that "football has the advantage that a team can win sometimes lower."

Jaime Lanaspa , executive director of la Obra Social La Caixa, said they have opened joint account 2100-0900-91-0211634155 with a contribution of 100,000 euros , while the two clubs have given exclusive material with a sweepstakes to promote the participation of citizens. Contributions can be made ​​on Friday December 9, the eve of the derby, until next April 22 , day of the second leg. The initiative is part of the program of International Cooperation of la Obra Social La Caixa and its commitment to help alleviate the suffering of victims of humanitarian crises. Africa is suffering the worst drought in 60 years, with more than thirteen million people affected. (via MD)