30 December 2011

[Ex-player] Pizzi: "Messi is unreachable for the past, present and future"

At 43, after several experiences, Juan Antonio Pizzi enjoys his life as a coach in the Second Division in Argentina, as coach of Rosario Central.

- What coach will identify in your training period?

Reference to any coach today is Barcelona. From there, one must give an identity to the schools to lead. If I had to choose a line of football, would the Dutch school. From there I try to take things. At Barcelona I had Bobby Robson and Van Gaal, with whom he agreed on what I thought.

- As your ex-partner of Barcelona, ​​Guardiola and Luis Enrique ...

Yes, we did the training course together. The training activity is an alternative that we find the former players we want our life to follow linked to an environment that is familiar.

- With Guardiola!?

Yes, it was a very nice experience. There were Sergi, Nadal, Ferrer, Julio Salinas, Rafael Alkorta ... It was a special course for former players of selection of Spain. We were 25 or 30.

- Did he give you the recipe Pep? How do you do?

Ja, ja. No. Pep was doing the course, but do not know if I would coach. And today is leading the best team in history. With Luis still more in touch. With Pep out there sent us some mail or our wives are friends, but with the times and distances is more difficult to maintain a relationship. Since he started leading the first, we have not agreed to talk about football. Pep is a recognized as a person, player and coach.

- It also coincides closely with Mourinho, before it was what it is today.

True, but he was a translator for Bobby Robson when I played in Barcelona.

- Have you had profile coach?

No, I had the current profile. Its great virtue was to learn from the technicians who had his hand, as Robson and Van Gaal. And he gave his identity to the equipment. He learned a lot, were trained and took advantage.

- Do you see yourself heading in Spain?

Today I do not project too. Football takes you where he wants. Today Rosario Central project. But if I put a little common sense is not unreasonable that the lead tomorrow in Spain.

- Messi or Cristiano?

Messi is doing what is unattainable for the past, present and probably will be for the future. There will another so in a long time.