30 December 2011

[Ex-player] Giovanni: "Hopefully Neymar comes to Barça"

The ex-player of FC Barcelona Giovanni Silva de Oliveira recommends who was his partner in the Santos Neymar to follow his path.

Giovanni, who plays for FC Barcelona between 1996 and 1999, recommended that the new Brazilian star Neymar who joined the club. They agreed on Santos in 2010 and exblaugrana is clear that the young footballer to play in Spanish football. "I advise Neymar come to Spain. At the level it is today, the best football he is Spanish. For me to come to Barça, Barça forever," said Giovanni to the program 'Mas Esports' COM Radio.

The predictions of Giovanni Silva on his former teammate can not be more flattering. For him, Neymar "will grow more and more. It's a crack. It plays great, is very fast, very fast changes of direction ... It's like Messi but can not be compared because it is a different style of play."

But comparisons are inevitable. And just telling Giovanni that the future can be Neymar. "Messi is the best in the world. Neymar has many years to progress. Now, Messi is at a level higher than Neymar" said exbarcelonista, who insisted that the young Brazilian star "is a disciplined guy. Here in Brazil has played every game ever is not injured and this is very important. "

Giovanni Silva would be delighted if Neymar play at the club and was under the command of Guardiola. The former player of FC Barcelona celebrates the successes of Santpedor: "I'm happy for Guardiola, we had very good relationship, our women were close friends. Guardiola is a symbol of Barcelona, ​​was born in the club, is an institution."

He praises his football and therefore had no doubt he would win the Club World Cup against Santos. "In Brazil we all knew that Santos could not win at Barca. Barça is the only team in the world playing as a team," he told COM Radio.

Giovanni Barca played years back. And one of the deeds that he was a goal scored at the Bernabeu held with various cuts of manga: "My best memory with the club was the goal against Zaragoza gave us the league, but in Brazil, people still stop me from the streets to remember the game against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu where I scored the winning goal and I celebrated by making sausages. "

Currently, Giovanni enjoys his 'retirement' football. Especially because the president of Santos was named scout as originally promised. "Agree with him to scout Santos in my people but unfortunately not kept his word. I promised many things and not kept, how to make a farewell party in Santos," said the footballer. (via SPORT)