17 December 2011

[Ex-player] Figo: "Núñez doubted of my word"

Luis Figo blamed the president Josep Lluís Núñez of his controversial departure of Barça.

In an interview published in the newspaper Luso "Público", the current director of International Relations Inter Milan said that his move from Barcelona to the capital of Spain was forged "during Euro" in 2000, played in Belgium and the Netherlands .

"Before the current president Florentino Perez's Real Madrid and then a candidate for election-was interested in my employment, I was able to sign for an Italian team paid my buyout," he said.

Figo said through his agent, then his compatriot José Veiga, reported that possibility Barcelona president Núñez, who was leaving the office that summer.

According to them, Núñez just worried and attributed that information to an Italian club simply wanted to improve his contract.

"Then I said I was not lying," said Figo.

Months later, with the European launch, the former international Veiga Luso was informed that one of the candidates for the presidency of Real Madrid were willing to pay his buyout clause, then set at 60 million euros.

"I came back to tell the acting-president of Barcelona, ​​and he again responded that what I wanted this and that. I was angry," he admitted.

"I asked if I was doubting my word, and said: 'No, they pay the money and you go,' "he said.

Figo told that "still hot" and "irritated once again by not valued" work Veiga told to listen to the proposal.

The Inter manager today stated that the agreement was signed then between Florentino Perez and his agent, with compensation for that if any of the two parties thrown back, the other was to pay 5,000 million euros.

"Those who had assumed the responsibility was José Veiga, if not to go for Madrid, who was he had to compensate," he said.

"The moment of decision, I was on vacation and still undecided. He received pressure from all sides, also Joan Gaspart, future president of Barcelona. Florentino eventually won the elections and that night, got all in one plane, including Veiga, and Sardinia were to see me, "he said.

Figo said he tried to "push" even by his family, and eventually ended up traveling with them to Lisbon and agreed to "sign a document that was going to take full responsibility for the contract," exempting their representative.

"This is the true story of my signing. Everything else that was said has no basis," he said.

The Portuguese, considered one of the best players in the history of his country, said that he regretted never going to Madrid, and who also wanted to link the white team "as a matter of prestige."

"The benefits-to get to Madrid eventually confirmed," said

Asked about the day of its presentation, Figo admitted he was "scared" but was pleased to be "the first player booked for a project, the so-called 'galácticos', which in its early years was fantastic."

The end Luso also recalled his first game as Real Madrid at the Camp Nou, when it was received in a hostile manner, and considered that "no athlete in the world have had the experience of playing in a stadium with 100,000 people against him," although the worst of all was "losing that game." (via SPORT)