19 December 2011

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "The history is to give a football bath. to the Brazilians!"

The ex-coach of Barca was delighted with the new lesson Barcelona game because "the longer end my idea" and singled out Messi as the "fifth big".

Johan Cruyff yesterday passed for the program 'Hat Trick Barça' of Esport 3 to value the present time barcelonista after the attainment of the Club World Cup. As always, the Dutch football valued more than results, and beyond the world title, Barça felt that if history was made yesterday, "because for the first time we have given a football bath to Brazilian," highlighting the traditional Cariocas footballing supremacy.

Regarding the game, Cruyff hunger valued team titles, as "the greatest thing is that there are still people who want to sacrifice for the team and not for his brilliance."

The comparison with the 'Dream Team', Catalan coach said that "the difference is that these players are playing to the touch and the depth from young and me started from zero, is clearly seen in Xavi and Iniesta, where everyone has difficulties they have no problems. " Johan also had words of praise for Messi, who undoubtedly called as the "fifth big." On his possible successor, Neymar, Cruyff said: "It is very good footballer, you must first poscionarse, although I can not imagine that every player would like to play on a team like Barca."

The Dutchman also praised Guardiola figure, acknowledging that "I do not feel bad that I exceeded in titles because everyone enjoys, the end of the day lengthens my idea." On the continuity of Pep, Johan was optimistic because "as there is no happiness among the players and others believe it can bear", but just in case he hinted that the Blaugrana next coach should be "the house with this philosophy, because if style change should take half the team. "

Finally, Cruyff was not in favor of signing in January after Villa's injury because there are people coming from below. "Cuenca came a month ago and it's one more," the Dutch. (via SPORT)