13 December 2011

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "Barca continued far from Madrid"

Johan Cruyff discussed in 'The Newspaper' Everything in el clásico against Real Madrid with the future of the League on the horizon.

Johan Cruyff analyzed his usual clásico collaboration in 'The Journal' in which he made clear his feeling that Barça is still, today, over Real Madrid.

The extécnico welcomed although Barca's victory qualified the exhibition game since found that "more time Barca played less well than good."

"Barca missed more passes than usual. It was an opportunity to increase their advantage Madrid and having to play a game more complicated," he says.

Cruyff also refers to the failure of Valdes as something transcendental in the course and outcome of el clásico. "The goal after 20 seconds it helped a lot to Barca players had to demonstrate his strength," he says.

The Dutch concluded that Barca's victory was founded on his ability to play "20 or 25 minutes to their true level," although they showed they are still a step above that of whites.

"Barca is over and Madrid is not just for what it does but for all football doubts that Mourinho's team creates" he says.

Still, the result is not definite clásico for the final attainment of the title. According to Cruyff, "This championship is not decided by an outright victory, but the ability to make the smallest possible number of failures in other parties to go to 100% is very complicated."

While noting that "this victory is important but it is also true that Madrid is as title contender like Barca."

And finally concludes: "The mother knows that her League is against Barca but with the other teams. For it is still the worst of enemies. (via SPORT)