12 December 2011

Del Bosque on the Clásico: "Both are well"

The coach said that you can "simplify the competition this meeting only" or ruin all the work of Real Madrid's defeat against FC Barcelona (1-3).

The national team coach, Vicente del Bosque believes the "Clásico" last Saturday "was very good game" in which the organizations were "very well", while noting that no one can "simplify the competition only that meeting "or ruin all the work of Real Madrid's defeat against FC Barcelona (1-3).

Del Bosque said that the meeting was "good propaganda" for the selection and "a very good day for everyone," and he hoped the players always "have the same behavior as last Saturday." "The game was great is the power of the two clubs, there was no negative note," he said.

Thus, despite the outcome, said the two teams "are well positioned" for the remaining months ahead. "We can not simplify the competition in a game. Do not forget what he has done for Real Madrid for a match," he said.

The coach doesn't think that "FC Barcelona has the morals "eaten" Real Madrid and it considers that "the league is very open." Thus, the two teams assessed that have "big players" and repeated that his greatest wish is that "get well to selection" to compete in next summer's European Championship.

In this regard, and after David Villa was deputy stressed that there are still six months ahead until you get the quote from Ukraine and Poland and now "not a cause for concern" because the front is well covered.

Finally, would not comment on the conflict of the radios with the LFP. "I love radio, but are matters of business that we want to solve," he said.

The technician made these statements after the award presentation Vicente del Bosque''values''a sport, an award that is delivered to the end of the season's Copa Coca-Cola'',''football competition based on cadet class celebrates its tenth anniversary.

The ceremony was also attended by Alejandro Blanco, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Luis Rubiales, chief executive of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) and Marcos de Quinto, president of Coca-Cola Spain and Portugal. (via AS)