20 December 2011

Del Bosque: "De Guardiola does everything I like"

Vicente del Bosque , national team, said the victory of Barcelona in the final of Club World Cup as another demonstration "of the good time of Spanish football "and said he likes "everything that makes Guardiola."

"The Spanish football is the best there is and the new title of Barcelona is another demonstration. We have a strong league, two teams will fight for the Champions League and other competitions have many computers. We should be happy about all this," said .

Del Bosque, who attended the launch of the "ties of solidarity" SOS at the Palacio de Cibeles, spoke of the superiority of Barcelona against Santos in the final in Yokohama, which prevented the brilliance of Brazilian Neymar, who "Just to point out one detail."

Highlighting the level shown by the Catalan team, Del Bosque was emphatic in saying that he likes "everything that makes Guardiola." Vicente del Bosque was optimistic about the recovery of striker David Villa, who broke his tibia in the semifinals of Club World Cup. "I hope it evolves. I talked to the doctor and showed me optimism," he said.

While the evolution of the Asturian forward of Barça is continued, Del Bosque sent a message to all those aspiring to join the team to defend the championship title in the tournament. "Those who are playing with their teams and are doing well should be hoping to go to the Euro, "said the coach.

Del Bosque made it clear that the Spanish team will be profiled in February, when selecting a friendly dispute. "There are few dates for the friendly experiments and serve to shape the European Championship team," concluded Del Bosque. (via MD)