15 December 2011

[CWC 2011; Semifinal] Al Sadd 0 - 4 FC Barcelona

Guardiola's team went very superior to the combined Qatar to the one that defeated without problems with the protagonism scorer of the less habitual ones as Adriano, Keita and Maxwell, in a party marked by the lesion of David Villa.

From the opening whistle Al Sadd made very clear his intentions and gave full play the initiative of Guardiola.

Barca began to tighten the set Qatar with distant shots until Villa had the first clear chance to face of goal on 17 minutes but his shot came across the body of Mohamed Saqr, the headline goal just minutes later to become negative in character.

It had been twenty minutes and Barca's dominance it was overwhelming, with Al Sadd limited out on the counter in a very shameless and without any real purpose. That was when Barça was full with a gift of the opposing defense. Adriano took advantage of indecision between the goal and a defender Mohamed rebound to score with his knee. The goalkeeper was an assignment and reject his unfortunate foot bounced off the Barca side that sent the ball into the net.

The goal gave Barca tranquility to continue practicing their football. A half hour of play emerged as the star David Villa. The Spaniard signed an illegal goal that the referee did not hesitate to ring out for offside. The 'Guaje' had taken advantage of a rebound of a shot Mohamed Iniesta. It was 33 minutes and three later, the misfortune was primed with Villa. Barca striker got away in a long career by winning two defenders back and in full struggle with them, fell to the ground with clear signs of discomfort. Minutes later confirmed his fractured tibia.

Injury to the 'Guaje' momentum was a downturn in their rush Barca offensive. However, on 42 minutes came back into action Adriano. The Brazilian took a good opening for Thiago to place the body and placed shot to the far post. The goal stretched rival defective also helped drive up the scoreboard 0-2. Just a couple of minutes later, Kader Keita was given one of the few opportunities enjoyed by Al Sadd, after signing a good personal action to the contrary, avoiding marking Abidal and Mascherano.

The second half began marked by the consequences of the injury to Villa, and sometimes took a few minutes to arrive. Ten of the resumption was Messi who made a cross shot that went dry very close to the stick after playing Lee. It was the first sign of Leo, he would repeat in the next few minutes showing signs of his whole repertoire. In 62, he made a powerful free-kick which reacted very well, this time, yes, Mohamed Saqr. And just a minute later, Leo himself did a great assistance to Keita's right leg, which enabled perfectly to the Malian plants only at the rival goal. Before leaving Saqr, Keita very well defined with a subtle touch to the far post.

With the score 0-3, Messi returned to star in spectacular actions. The most prominent, a Chilean attempt into the empty net after a series of bounces that could go around the world, but the shot went slightly off.

The last half hour was marked by injuries and several scares for the 'staff' Barca coach. In minute 70, without going any further, Isaac Alexis Sanchez Cuenca replaced by muscle problems in Chile, in the first half had replaced David Villa.

In the 80th minute Barca avenged medical misfortune so a new goal, authored by Maxwell after taking advantage of great assistance to the area of ​​Thiago and benefited from other stretched out defective Mohamed Saqr, who vacated the first pole of his goal .

The last few minutes, far from serving to honor control the game Barcelona were a real torment for the parish Barca, Puyol and Mascherano to suffer some entries very hard Yusef Ali, which even caused the 'little chief' come out on a stretcher.

Barça is in the final of the World paying clubs, yes, a toll too high, it can make the team for the future of the season. (via SPORT)

[Technicala Data]
Al-Sadd: Saqr; Abdulmajed, Lee Jung Soo, Koni, Nadir Belhadj; Abdulmajid, Mohammed, Albloushi (Al Yazidi, min. 65); Al Khalfan, Keita (Al Haydos, min. 82) and Niang (Ali, min 77).

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Puyol, Mascherano, Abidal (Maxwell, min. 66); Iniesta, Keita, Thiago, Adriano; Pedro, Messi and Villa (Alexis, min. 39) (Cuenca, min.71)

Goals: 0-1. Min.25: Adriano; 0-2. Min.43: Adriano; 0-3. Min 64: Keita; 0-4. Min. 81: Maxwell.

Referee: Joel Aguilar (El Salvador). Abdulmajed showed yellow card (min. 61) and Mohammed (min. 80).

Incidents: Second World Club Championship semifinal match at the International Stadium Yokohama. David Villa broke the tibia of his left leg in 36 minutes. Full absolute with 66.298 spectators.