26 December 2011

Champions and Euro, the spur of Villa

The '7'of Barca and' red 'has two goals on the horizon: the final of Munich and be prepared for the European Championship which starts on June 8.

The prospects for David Villa to return to be ready to play the final phase of the season are good, according to the schedule that doctors have scheduled four to five months before considering competing. The '7' of Barca and of 'La Roja' is, therefore, two goals on the horizon as a stimulus: one hypothetical at the moment also for the club, it would be possible to reach a final of the Champions League and another, the Euro , which be played from June 8, although the selection list will be announced on May 15.

Dr. Cugat , responsible for the operation to David Villa, was cautious with the deadlines, as befits the doctors. " The goal is to reach the Euro Villa , "said the renowned orthopedic surgeon in his appearance before the press on Monday 19. The possibility of being in the final of Munich on May 19, if the ship was going round in the Champions League and is classified, it seems less predictable, but coincides exactly with the initial prognosis of " five months ". " It's a fair bit to reach the final of the Champions , "he said Cugat after the operation. " If I say a date, I would surely be mistaken. the boss, will be his leg. He is encouraged both to reach the Champions League final as the tournament. He wants everything. Want to work and reach , "said the doctor then.

Villa has not lost any time during your stay at the Chiron Clinic . So much so that even during the Christmas Eve rehabilitation worked double session. It is expected that in a few weeks will remove the nail and, thereafter, will mark its treatment of evolution. (via MD)