17 December 2011

Cesc: "We want to dedicate the World Club Cup to Tito Vilanova and Villa"

The Barça midfielder is counting down the minutes to the World Club Cup final: “This final is especially exciting because you never know when we’ll be able to play it again”.

"We want to wear the badge that identifies the champions of the world for a whole season".

Cesc Fabregas spoke to a large melee of dozens of journalists at the Barça HQ in Yokohama ahead of Sunday’s final and told them: "I’m here thanks to all the work done by my team-mates last season”. No doubt he’d like to pay back that debt if he gets a chance to play on Sunday. “We want to get out there on the pitch and do our best”.

Asked about the effects of jet lag and the time difference, Cesc insisted: “Time zones and tiredness are no excuse in such an important match. You have to get your strength from your head, from your mentality”.

Cesc Fabregas echoed the words of his manager in reply to the persistent questions about Santos forward Neymar: "If we have the ball, Neymar won’t be in it. We’re focussing on ourselves and on Santos globally as an opponent. We won’t change the way we think”. And Cesc refused to be drawn on the future of the young Brazilian star, who has been linked to a number of clubs in Europe: “Tomorrow Neymar is just another opponent. He’ll want to score three or four goals. In the future we’ll see what happens to him”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)