14 December 2011

Cesc: "Here I have to work twice"

The former players 'gunner' for eight seasons discusses his career in the British journal.

The midfielder of Barça Cesc Fàbregas will be carried of the noted magazine 'Fourfourtwo' in the number of next January. And is that the British magazine specializing in football in the first issue published in 2012 an extensive interview with the player Arenys. There, Cesc talks about his passage through the English club, where he says he went with "the thorn had not won any major title" in his eight years as a player in the squad 'gunner', as well as its release Barcelona and its role in the selection.

Aware that the progress of the ship captain and team logo was a blow to the fans of Arsenal, the Spanish international has sought to explain to those who were his fans for many years. "It was the right time to leave," says Cesc. "In the club, I have to work doubly hard to earn a place," concludes the player, who was not afraid of challenges.

During the interview, too Fabregas takes to explain the main differences between the two clubs in your life, Arsenal and Barca. "In London, if you lose you can go out to dinner, make your life and people kept encouraging" however, in the club "when things are going well is the best club in the world, but when things go wrong are the scarves .. . "Arenys explains. At the moment the player has already earned a place in the `11 Do Barca and will fight until consolidated in the team of his childhood.

"You are that Xavi and Iniesta ..."

The player shows his ambition when he was questioned for his role in the selection: "I always thought that if you play in your club, playing in the selection." And although throughout his career has not always fulfilled this maxim has not stopped the player to do so. "I can not spend my life saying, 'is that Xavi and Iniesta are ...'" and so it proved. (via SPORT)