11 December 2011

Casillas: "With the 1-2 we've come down"

Real Madrid goalkeeper and captain played down to losing to Barcelona and said "there are many more games. Now we must focus on the Cup and the game of Seville."

The captain of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas , white spoke after the defeat in el Clásico and Barcelona beat said "there must be an obsession." "We played a game is not rushed and if ordered, but the play that marks the game is 1-2. We have come down , "he said.

The Spanish international would downplay the game against Barcelona and said that "there are thirty or more games in addition to the boat," but admitted that "there are faces of sadness."

Asked about the loose match Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas would deflect criticism of Portuguese and focuses on the whole white template. "We all have to be at 120%, not just Christian . We have to look at a player, we are a team , are 3 points that we played a lot. We are a group and we all have to be at the critical point, "he said.

Finally, Casillas wanted to send a message to the white crowd: "We must encourage them, to ourselves, we must congratulate the team that has won in the Bernabeu and think about the next meeting, the Cup and Sevilla , which will not be easy. " He also confessed: "We had a long winning streak and has been truncated in a way sad." (via AS)