10 December 2011

Carles Vilarrubí: "This team has all the credit"

The directive responsible for the institutional area "even defends of the prestige of the players in the worst in the cases after the game of Madrid."

The vice-president of the institutional area of Barça, Carles Vilarrubí, yesterday expressed a feeling probably shared by thousands of Barcelona: "whatever happens at the Bernabeu, the fans do not come back around the team," commented on the consequences of a defeat in Madrid .

"The pressure is minimal and illusion, maximum," the vice president in the Rac-1 microphones.

"This team has already shown all as the coach himself has said on more than one occasion," he explained, "even in the worst case will not lose any credibility as a team or as a group, practicing excellence. Will remain the best equipment and the best coach in the world. It is true that this year the challenge is greater, but no one will doubt this squad. " Barça, according to the institutional vice president, go to the Bernabeu, backed by their latest results, not only in Chamartín but in terms of titles won in the `was Guardiola ¿. "Get the result you serve, this team has all the credit."

The atmosphere before the game, in any case much more relaxed than in the clásicos carousel April. "We came to pass a very difficult time because there were too clásicos for those bad vibes. That was unfortunate, there was bad feeling because conditions were very unpleasant, but fortunately we now live a normal time, "said Vilarrubí.

The vice president insisted that now "there are no" tensions of previous months "or at least not so evident," though he added that relations between clubs, Barcelona and Madrid should only aspire to "mutual respect" as institutions world-class. "Nor do I mean much more, be educated, have a logical relationship and a stable institutional relationship. So last year, failed, "he said.

The directives will meet today for lunch at the Ritz hotel in Madrid "in an atmosphere of absolute normality", while a parallel call will also meet women executives to share a table and tablecloth.

Also, note that Vilarrubí joked one of his tasks is to "translate the general feeling of the president and the policy in relation to other clubs, including Real Madrid, so I'm the 'errand boy politics does institutional club. " The executive also defended the position taken by the board last year, when reacted with caution to environment attacks Real Madrid. (via SPORT)