19 December 2011

Carles Vilarrubí: "The celebration will not be without Villa"

Barca Vice President explained that the celebration of Mundialito not be done with the fans until Villa can attend and be paid back to the team saying "racing history".

The vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​Carles Vilarrubí, head of institutional area club has participated in the program "El Món a Rac 1", directed by Jordi enough, and has reviewed the latest developments of the present squad.

The first thing noted is that in Vilarrubí end of mundialito "played nine home-grown, but in total there were eleven, and Peter Fontàs entered the second part."

"This team has passed over a barrier, and it is that when it jumps to the grass, the rival is incidental, it is playing a game I get same, with the history", he explained fatigued to the master of the football of Barça and the mental capacity of the team.

"It's taking up the challenge to transfer our memories to be in the history of Barcelona and the football," he continued, to convict: "They're leaving the club trophy cabinet at the height of the institution."

Barca institutional Vice explained that we are against a team that "has consistently had to overcome things against (Abidal, Afellay, Tito and Villa), and yet, the excellent practice."

He also acknowledged that delaying shuffled Mundialito celebration because "it would not be complete without Villa, so take the trophy to the Stadium as Villa can go, because this should be celebrated with him." "This is to celebrate together," he said.

Asked if Florentino Perez had called to congratulate him on the conquest of Mundialito said "no, I did wish us luck enough to face the tournament in Japan."

On Guardiola, Vilarrubí said that "continuity is not subject to sporting success," explaining that "while the Board creates objective conditions for professionals to work in the line of excellence with which they are doing now, I am convinced that Guardiola will follow. "

Regarding the possible signing of Neymar in the future, the vice president was cautious: "I do not sink to try him for the game he played against Barca. It is a class player who still has a long way. If you have quality, fit ' .

Finally, Carles Vilarrubí was asked about the question and whether Iñaki Urdangarín would withdraw from the Palau Blaugrana shirt, which looks hung.

"I understand that the shirt of whoever is in Palau, it is in honor of his sporting career and I understand that does not affect your personal or professional post. I do not think the reasons that led to hang it have vanished. Mezclemeos not the things, "settlement. (via SPORT)