27 December 2011

Cardoner: "Neymar is able to play at Barça"

The social Vice-president of Barça, Jordi Cardoner, reviews the topics of present time azulgrana: partners, payments, tier of animation, clásico and Neymar.

Jordi Cardona was interviewed on the radio show Basté Jordi "El món a Rac 1" on Tuesday morning and discussed the burning issues of today Barcelona in full holiday season.

The social vice president, argued that FC Barcelona if Barca and Madrid were in the Cup quarter-finals , the party "would not pay, it is usually included in the fertilizer."

Cardoner continued to talk about the values ​​transmitted Barcelona and Madrid , respectively, and recognized that it is true that there is a difference between the messages they give Guardiola and Mourinho, and the main idol of both sets (especially Messi and Cristiano).

Then they talked about the degree of animation that "time is a future project and are working with the Catalan police to that effect", as expressed by the interviewee, who then said: "I would like to keep it for next year ".

Today also analyzed the socio Barcelona : "We have over 177,000 members, which must be subtracted deceased and new customers. The ship can take on more partners, but there must be a balance."

In addition, Cardone said that "there are 383 people attended last year not even once to the field despite having a seat, and even gave him, while there are others who only go once, twice or three times a year."

Finally, the manager of the social area of ​​the club said: "To my knowledge we did not pay 10 million euros to have a preferential option for Neymar." To which he added that "these issues should always be carried in 'small committee'."

"If you're talking (Neyman) is because it is a player from the club is considered qualified to be part of this team, but our technicians will decide," he said finally Jordi Cardoner. (via SPORT)