27 December 2011

Bilardo places Messi to the height of Maradona, Pelé and Di Stefano

Carlos Bilardo considers Lionel Messi "an extraordinary person and a super-footballer".

"Play well, score goals, he never complains when it is kicked, always arrive on time to training, works well, signing autographs, never angry," said the head of Argentina's national team in an interview published by the magazine "France Football" .

Bilardo said it is difficult to compare players of different stages because football changes very quickly, but he was among the best ever "with everything he has won with Barcelona."

Former Argentina coach said the departure of Diego Maradona of the albiceleste after the World Cup in South Africa and noted that since then, not on speaking terms.

"We do not talk. Since 1983 we have been angry with Diego at least forty times. Over the past year and a half, all over. But you can not say never," he said.

Bilardo Maradona acknowledged that "should continue" after the World Cup 2010, but his intention to keep all his coaching staff was not acceptable.

The former coach refused to talk about Cesar Luis Menotti, who for years maintained a war of words on tactics.

"It's the past," he said when asked about it, but defended his vision of football in which the result is above the game.

"If you do not have time to feel like work," he said in reference to the new Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella, whose results in positive progression are allowing to save time.

Bilardo said he was at the origin of "the newest tactic of the century" XX, with the introduction of 3-5-2 later copied by other teams.

As for the fact that the "albiceleste" has not gone far in the last World Cup, Bilardo blames the player drain to Europe.

"In my time nobody wanted to go to Europe. Players earn more here (in Argentina) that Real Madrid in the late 60's and early 70's.

"Now it's different every country pays better than Argentina and our players migrate (...) In these conditions it is difficult to build a team," he said. (via SPORT)