20 December 2011

Bianchi: "Messi is greater than Maradona and Pelé"

The coach Carlos Bianchi said striker Lionel Messi is "superior" to his compatriot Diego Maradona and Brazilian Pelé.

Bianchi, the most successful coach in the history of Argentine football, also broke praise on Barcelona, ​​which he considered "the best team ever." "The demonstration collective Football Barcelona to crush the Saints in the final Club World makes me feel confident to issue a statement: we are in the presence of the best team ever. Something similar happens to me about Lionel Messi, "he said in his column at the site of ESPN.

"Some days ago I gave a talk to a company and in the middle of the conference, a Brazilian who asked me I thought as the best footballer in history: Pelé and Maradona. And I said that with all the respect I deserved the two, now I see Messi above all, "he said.

For the coach multichampion with Argentine Boca Juniors and Velez Sarsfield, "the claim that to be the best ever has to come first world champion with his selection is very trivial." "There were great players who did not need or could not play in big teams to show all his class. Beyond what has happened or will happen when you put the Argentina shirt, Messi confirms each week that is capable of things no one had done before in the history of football, "he said.

"It will take a long time to bring up a player like him. I simply tip my hat to their capacity," said Barcelona matizó.Sobre that "we must give in to this device that is unique in the history of world football, knowing hateful and complicated as are comparisons between different times. "

"Only three teams found that they could just try to be compared to this modern Barcelona. Thanks to the extraordinary monopoly of the ball end up becoming impotent to whoever planted it on. Thus, viewers have the opportunity to see not only a nearly perfect machine to play football, but also all kinds of goals, one more beautiful than the other, "he added. (via MD)