15 December 2011

Berlusconi: "I want to play as Barça"

Silvio Berlusconi launched this message on the feast of Milan in which he alluded to Barcelona as a reference model to follow.

Milan president did not hide his admiration for FC Barcelona and made clear that the game with Barca is precisely what he dreams for Milan: "I want to play like Barca."

Berlusconi did not hesitate to remember that "Barca play as teams I've coached in 70 years" and that his approach to the game Milan deployed by FC Barcelona only need to "apply it and believe."

In this sense, expressed his full confidence in Allegri, who renewed, and the players. "The Barcelona player has no more class than we have in Milan," he said.

The note put extravagant act when he tried to remember everything he had done for the Rossoneri club. "For what it costs to AC Milan, my shows are continuous, my generosity is excessive. If Real Madrid spent his stadium Santiago Bernabeu, I deserve two," he said. (via SPORT)