14 December 2011

Belhadj (Al Sadd): "Barcelona is the best team in the world"

The Algerian Nadir Belhadj , left side Al Sadd Catari, welcomed the opportunity to play the Club World Cup semi-final against Barcelona, ​​which he considers "the best team in the world." "Many big names in the dream of playing football a semi-final of Club World Cup against Barcelona, ​​but we who have that pleasure, "he said in a statement distributed by Belhadj's website of FIFA.

Table Catari, champion of Asia and directed by Uruguayan Jorge Fossati , won his quarter-final Tunisian Esperance 2-1. Belhadj said the game should be taken "as a festival." "We will prepare properly for a good job, but the key word is enjoy.

Everything will consist in that lean on mutually", it indicated. "This Barça is the best team in the world, like we saw against Real Madrid in the clásico again. Their players were impressive", the Algerian pointed out. Likewise, it assured that, regarding Barcelona, they should not "only be centered in a player, because the danger can come from any part. Coarse with seeing their young players" can play to what level.

As for your options for reaching the final said: "We must not lose lucidity, since we are talking about Barcelona: Lionel Messi and his companions make a game from another planet . " " We are going to play using our resources and the block is allowing us to achieve great things. The very fact would face them and themselves a great satisfaction, "added Al Sadd player, who he added that" guess what's going to make Messi is possible, but it does prevent and is another thing. " (via MD)