14 December 2011

Barca opens the door to Villa

The player, upset about losing weight in the team.
Signed for 4 years and one optional.
It would leave only in winter if an ofertón arrives.

The love affair between Barcelona and David Villa coming to an end, just two years later. The club azulgrana has put on the market Asturian striker, who plans to transfer next summer.

The club azulgrana paid two years ago by Valencia between 40 and 42 million euros for his transfer. The player signed a four-year, one option at a rate of 7 million euros (gross) per season.

Today, the future of David Villa seems to be in England. Their fate seems to be one of the great English clubs, mainly Chelsea, Liverpool and Aston Villa. The Anfield have shown much interest in his move, although its economic offer does not seem to get to Chelsea. (via Marca.com)