23 December 2011

Barça: The Impossible Dream of Higuain

Real Madrid's Argentine has always said he would love to play alongside Leo Messi ... But the problem is that Florentino does not make the same mistake that Eto'o.

The great dream of Gonzalo Higuain is the most deadly players: playing in the sublime Barcelona and next to the exceptional Leo Messi , although in the case of the Argentine striker Real Madrid at least it can claim to act along with the Blaugrana megacrack in the Argentina. Friends in Common 'Pipit' and Messi already know that the attacker if need merengue pay by moving to Camp Nou and was there with his colleague and compatriot. A little over two months, Higuain told the newspaper Olé, after a 4-1 Argentina endorsed by the selection of Chile, that "it is a pleasure to play alongside Messi. I quite understand him."

Today, Higuain is not at all happy at Real Madrid. For the first time he feels substitute of French Karim Benzema was 'era Mourinho' and, as reported in its edition of MD on Wednesday, is considering his departure on 30 June. However, the option of calling at the FC Barcelona next season seems impossible, mainly because the club is confident Barca rapid recovery from David Villa, a forward with a full account Josep Guardiola, despite rumors that place the 'Guaje' in a new club coming season. Villa will possibly point to the final of the Champions League, Barça if the dispute, and for the European Championship with the Spanish team. It also has to face next season, so the 'Pipit' has it complicated.

Real listen to offers

Real Madrid , however, listen to offers for Higuain (does every summer despite official denials), though by no means enter into any negotiations with Barça. True, the blanco president, Florentino Perez , seeking to end the 'Pipit', one of the last signings reviled Ramon Calderon , but do not want to repeat another "Eto'o case", which in its day passed with albarca devastating to the Madrid and the Blaugrana undoubted success (Cameroon was decisive, for example, won two Champions in 2006 and 2009). A transfer to an important sector of Real Madrid always reproached the president merengue. Another major issue is that the fans at the Bernabeu will have a great affection for Florentino Perez Higuain is aware that the Argentine would pass a very unpopular. Moreover if the eternal rival. So the desire of the Real Madrid striker will stay that possibly, an aspiration that while blanco view may not meet.