21 December 2011

Barca gives a deposit for Neymar

The countdown has begun. The 'Gallo' and has an expiration date at Santos. And about the Camp Nou swift.

What was an open secret has ceased to be. Neymar will FC Barcelona and join the long list of cracks defended Brazilian FC Barcelona Pavilion. The only question that remains clear is knowing when to stop in the Camp Nou. The clear evidence, as advanced in yesterday's edition the newspaper 'As', is that the Catalan club has a first advance payment for the front of 10 million euros to Santos.

The player's dream is a reality, although it is unknown date of incorporation, is more than likely to crystallize in the summer operation, after Brazil's participation in the Olympic Games in London. The competition will begin on July 27 and conclude on August 12. For Brazil, the appointment is of paramount importance since it has never been hung the gold medal. It was silver in Los Angeles (1984) and Seoul (1988). I would therefore have the best and be your greatest asset Neymar to sign a long-sought and cherished gold.

The player, therefore, would miss the season with FC Barcelona in the summer of 2012 will take you through Asian lands, but would be able to start the official competition after having a rest.

In any case, Barça, with this payment, has secured a preferential option to bind the 'Gallo'. And you can do before 2014. Reached this year would lose their rights over the crack.

Otherwise, ie, that the Santos would reverse the operation, the 'Peixe' should pay to the FC Barcelona 20 million euros. A penalty that virtually ensures the success of the deal between the two clubs.

Deal, on the other hand, always has had the pleasure of the player, who has never had doubts about what should be their fate once 'fly' the Santos. And in this sense, has expressed Neymar, especially after the Club World Cup final, when he praised the play of Barca and he was very close and personal with the players of FC Barcelona, ​​including his friend Dani Alves, Messi and Xavi.

The last word goes to Pep Guardiola. Santpedor coach has the key. Neymar come when he wants. The logic, however, says it should arrive next season. (via SPORT)