22 December 2011

[Barça B] Soriano won't end up in the Red Star

José María Orobitg, the representative of forward Jonathan Soriano has ruled categorically that can pass the Barcelona B to Red Star Belgrade.

Serbian media had recently ensured that Red Star coach Robert Prosinecki, to search for in the ranks of the Barcelona B team braces for Soriano and the name has been mentioned more than once as a possible signing.

"I have seen that the press belgradense writes that Soriano will arrive in Serbia, but be sure that that won't happen. There is not form. Such informations harm to my player's" reputation, Orobitg said to the newspaper 'Press.'

"He is the Barcelona player, and could only pass to some club that plays in the competitions of maximum range. In short, we want him to stay where it is because he deserves it for their quality. There is not anything of that, you don't lose the time", he asserted.

Red Star, European champions 20 years ago, is undergoing a period of few successes, though it is in second place in the league serbia, yes, ten points of their great city rivals Partizan Belgrade. (via SPORT)