25 December 2011

[Barça B] Offer the renewal to Oier for three seasons

The irundarra has earned the confidence of the coaching staff in his five seasons as Catalans and Guardiola wants to continue as the third goalkeeper.

January is approaching and Barça must accelerate negotiations with the players ending contract on June 30 because in the next six months and are free to negotiate with other clubs. The politics of renewal of futbolitsas of Barça B can also extend to the goal. Oier Olazabal is one of the players in 2012 ending its relationship with the entity Blaugrana and the Technical Secretariat has taken steps to ensure its continuity.

Barca has offered to irundarra, 22, a contract for three more seasons, so continue until 2015. Oier must analyze Blaugrana and the first proposal in the coming weeks expect new contacts. The player has become the third first-team goalkeeper, as demonstrated by their presence in the World Club or its calls for away matches in the Champions Pep Guardiola cites three goalkeepers this season. Oier was also the substitute porter in the final of Wembley in the one that I Paint it was sanctioned and it has the trust of that of Santpedor with who shared its first year like blaugrana in the lines of Barça B in Third Division.

Besides Oier, Rubén Miño contract also ends in June 2012, while Jordi Masip renewed this summer until June 2013. For now, Eusebio Sacristan has followed a policy of rotation in goal, not as extreme as that of Luis Enrique, but has provided opportunities for the three goalkeepers. They are gaining experience in the Second Division A and are ready to take a leap in your career. Barca are very attentive to their development and should have a replacement guarantee for Victor Valdes. Although Pinto unatemporada renewed for more, at 36 years is nearing the end of his career and the club should be about the alternative. (via SPORT)