20 December 2011

[Barça B] Jonathan Soriano does not move from Barça B

He is older than 25 years and if he plays in the first team could not return to the branch, what would mean to limit his minutes.

Although there has been a possibility that has weighed the coaching staff to complete the payroll front of staff, Jonathan Soriano will not be enrolled as a first team player to replace Villa. Guardiola prefers to pull all the way with what you have, unless you make more long-term injury.

Soriano is more than 25 years, so it can not reconcile the subsidiary with the first team. If the orders were playing Guardiola, if only one game, and could not return to 'B'. Although Pep highly valued qualities of Jonathan, do not want to limit his playing time the minute he can give in addition to Messi, Pedro or Alexis, not to mention or even Thiago Cuenca, Iniesta and Cesc.

Soriano was already near staying in the first team after beginning the preseason to the orders of Pep who, however, it already considered that the decision, far from being a prize for Soriano, it will be a bad play, since he could not give him the minutes that he would want. In any case, the injury that occurred in Munich ended any option to upload the first team. Nor will there be signing during the winter. The coaching staff has not changed its initial position after injury to Villa, to maintain the current scheme, but there are still almost a month and a half to maneuver in case of need. (via MD)