15 December 2011

[Barça B] The 'invisible friend' of Barça B: a cane to Soriano and some weights for Armando

The branch celebrated a team dinner in which Christmas original gifts were exchanged.

Last Tuesday, after the friendly encounter that Barça B disputed in front of the Academy Aspire of Qatar (2-0, Sergi Roberto and Deulofeu), players, coaches and assistants met to take place in the restaurant La Barca de Salamanca the classic dinner of Christmas, during which the nice gifts of the were exchanged 'invisible friend.'

The gifts were many and simple, but all had a very direct message to the recipient. The two heads of the costume, captains Armando and Jonathan Soriano , did not escape the jokes of the young. The defender received a weight and fitness equipment , since it is a 'sick' of the gym, visiting even after the games. At the forward, meanwhile, gave him a cane , but not control but of 'old', as he is known in the locker room.

Also the gift of Deulofeu was related to his nickname: a chicken . The curious gift was accompanied by an assortment of cheeses, of which the end is allergic. To Muniesa they bought him a parchís because he is the organizer of all the departures that they are organized in the long bus itineraries that lately has carried out the branch; to Sergi Gómez, a miniature tandem to take to their inseparable Balliu; already Tello, an exhaust pipe. To Cristian loves to 'tune' his cars and a few days ago his white BMW painted red.

Mundo Deportivo was also present in a testimonial dinner. In recent days speculated that a fourth player in squad will travel to Japan as a reserve because the tournament regulations allow Barca to make changes to the list today if there was any injury. And Guardiola had thought Marc Bartra . Well, to center gave him a cover of Mundo Deportivo in which players Pep appear in Tokyo, but touched up with Bartra picture instead of one of the cracks the first team. (via MD)