17 December 2011

Alves visits Neymar in Santos's hotel

Daniel Alves has used his spare time to visit Brazilian acquaintances of Santos , including Neymar with whom she has a great friendship. The player went to the hotel where you stay focused rivals for the Club World Cup final.

Alves was only at night, and went straight to the elevator up to the plant that is hosting the delegation of 'Peixe' reveals 'Globoesporte.com'. Neymar explained how he was meeting his friend. " He is very friendly. We joke a lot and talk about the game. We said the same thing for each other, the friendship will be on one side. On the field, the animal is going to hit "Neymar joked, laughing.

Santos said the crack has a " great affinity "with Dani Alves result of calls to Brazil. " I am very happy to face him, but I'll give a bit of work "amusingly Neymar sentenced. (via MD)